Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of religious school is SVL?  
At Shepherd of the Valley, everything we do centers on the message of Jesus Christ and what he has done for us. Children will hear the love of Jesus every day and will be encouraged to live as a child of God in thankfulness for what Christ has done for us.

What are your test scores? 
At SVL we believe that standardized test scores are one of many ways to determine the progress of a child. We take standardized tests in the spring of every year in grades three through eight. Our students regularly perform at or above national averages.   

What is the enrollment process? 
The first step for enrollment is to call or email SVL and schedule a time to meet the principal or office manager and pick up an application form. After the application form is submitted, it is reviewed by the principal and Board of Education for approval.  

Where can I find information about tuition and financial assistance? 
Please call or email for tuition information. Some tuition assistance is available. Shepherd of the Valley prides itself providing affordable Christian education.  

Do you have sports? 
Yes, we have a coed team for soccer in the fall, basketball in winter. We also have a cheerleading team, and a track meet in the spring. 

Why are you connected to a church?
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran School is owned and operated by Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church. The school was started 40 years ago by the members of the church who wanted to provide Christian education for the school-aged children of the church and the community. You do not need to be a member of the church to enroll your child at the school. 

How is technology used?   
The students in grades 3-8 all have access to school provided Chrome books every day. The 6-8th graders are one-one and use their device as needed in subjects across the curriculum. 

What are the benefits of multi-grade classrooms? 
At Shepherd of the Valley, our classrooms are split into grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. There are many benefits to having multi-grade and multi-age classrooms. A few of the many advantages we are passionate about are:  
  • Students are continuously exposed to re-teaching and pre-teaching. 
  • Pro-social behaviors and expectations are modeled by older students. 
  • Multi-grade classrooms are less homogenous than single-grade classrooms, therefore differences are the norm and more easily accepted.
  • They receive more intentional training to be independent workers. Off-task behaviors diminish as self-discipline and accountability increases.
  • Lengthier time with the same teacher increases trust.  
  • Children who are academically advanced or lagging can easily take part in higher or lower level skills while maintaining interactions with peers.