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Bible Class 8:15 Am

Worship 9:30 am


Please join us here live Sundays 9 am MT for our sermon livestream. Click the Resources button at the lower left corner of the video for a copy of the service bulletin. Its better to give than receive (Acts 20:35). After you've watched this week' sermon, use the Share button below each video!



I invite you and your family to join me in Bible Walk, a daily devotional I will be reading each week and studying in my personal studies. Tap the image below to get the devotion for each week. Please email me at svlwestyminister@gmail.com with any questions or comments you might have about the readings. God bless you as you take a Bible walk this week!  Pastor K

  • sunday worship 9:30 am

    Lord, Increase Our Faith

    We sometimes use the word faith very casually. But Jesus’ words about faith are serious and compelling. They force us to consider what true, saving faith is. Join us for a new series: Lord, Increase Our Faith.

  • Sunday Bible Study 8:15 am

    You’ve very likely experienced something like this: During a serious conversation, a person says something about God that just doesn’t sound right. Sometimes you can recognize that what the person believes is a horrible distortion of the truth. Sometimes you aren’t so sure. “God wants me to be happy.” “I don’t need the Bible or worship to have a relationship with God.” “God helps those who help themselves.” When you take a careful look at those statements, you realize how dangerous they are.  Our next Bible study, 10 Lies About God, addresses ten popular lies about God that people often hide behind to sidestep the truth that there is a God to whom they are accountable or to avoid admitting the reality that they are sinners who need a Savior. It will help us recognize and respond to these deceptions that keep people from experiencing the peace and joy that comes through forgiveness in Christ. 

  • New Life in christ

    Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm in Sept & Oct

    This is a 2 month Bible study course designed for anyone interested in learning about what the Bible and Lutherans teach, as well as anyone interested in joining Shepherd of the Valley. If you are interested in joining us online, email Pastor K at: SVLWESTYMINISTER@GMAIL.COM

  • Youth group

    All SVL 7-12th Graders and their friends are invited to our Youth Group event at SVL Westminster's outdoor courtyard. 

    September 24 @ 6:00 - 8:00 pm

    Bible - Life - Friends - Service 

  • this week  [9.19-9.25]

    Tue  @ 6:30 pm – Men’s Bible Class: The Book of 1 Corinthians

    Wed @ 9:00 am – Women’s Bible Class: The Book of Esther

    Wed @ 6:30 pm - Bible Information Class: New Life in Christ

    Thu @ 6:30 pm - Adult Bible Class: Seek First His Kingdom

    Fri @ 4:00 pm - SVL Soccer vs. COR (Dick's Sporting Goods Park)

    Fri @ 8:30 am - School Chapel

    Sat @ 6-8 pm - NEXT GEN Youth Group

    Sun @ 8:15 am - Bible Class: Grow the Fruits of the Spirit

    Sun @ 9:30 am - Worship


    TUESDAYS @ 6:30 PM

    Bible Book: 1 Corinthians

    "Wisdom for the Ages"


    Wednesdays @ 9:00 am

    The Book of Esther: For Such a Time as This

    "Who knows whether you have become queen for such a time as this!" Esther 4:14

  • Thursday adult bible study @ 6:30 pm


    See the Big Picture

    Stay Properly Motivated

    Utilize the Power of Prayer

    Avoid Spiritual Garbage

    Tame Your Tongue

    and more...  

  • Rocky Mountain Lutheran H.S. 

    Our Lutheran high school educates students not just for college acceptances, but for a meaningful life of learning and serving their Savior in whatever journey God has planned for them. From personal growth in faith huddles to the academic rigor of science courses, from developing skills in athletics to learning to serve each other despite our differences; we understand the challenges high school students face, and we value mentoring students throughout these sometimes rocky years. Visit us at: https://www.rmlhs.net

    Curious what this looks like?

  • Help our MLC student get funding

    We have one student headed to Martin Luther College this fall! Every year, MLC matches every dollar raised up to $1000 per student. We are about halfway to getting our student this scholarship. Help us get our student fully funded to receive the extra (and much needed) financing! Please consider designating a special gift to help their studies to become future pastors and Christian education teachers! Congratulations Jake V! God bless your future studies and beyond!