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9:30 am

children's Jesus time 9:00-9:25 AM

(aGES 3-9)


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In the great timeline of human history, there are only two ultimately significant points: the first time Christ came to our world to win salvation by his life, death, and resurrection; and the second time Christ will come to consummate his everlasting kingdom. We live in the time in between those two points. It is a time of tension. We know that peace and perfection are ours already because of what Jesus did the first time he came. Yet we do not enjoy a peaceful and perfect existence now already. We will not know such a life until Christ comes again. And so we wait and watch, living in the time in between. As the church year draws to a close, Scripture points us toward the end of time when Christ will come again. Until then Christ teaches us how to live in the time in between. Join us for a new series—The Time in Between. 

  • A Time to Focus on Future Glory (Nov 5 - All Saints' Day)
  • A Time for Watchfulness (Nov 12) 
  • A Time for Faithful Service (Nov 19) 
  • this week  [11.18-11.26]

    Tue @ 6:30 pm Men's Bible Class - The Life of Christ

    Wed @ 7:00 pm Thanksgiving Eve Worship

    Sun @ 8:15 am Adult Bible Class - Mark: The King Came to Serve

    Sun @ 9:00 am Children's Jesus Time

    Sun @ 9:30 am Worship


    This is Bible study course is designed for anyone interested in learning about what the Bible and Lutherans teach, as well as anyone interested in joining Shepherd of the Valley. If you are interested in starting this class, email Pastor K at SVLWESTYMINISTER@GMAIL.COM


    God’s Gifts to Us in Worship:

    Spiritual Rest & Renewal through God’s promises

    Strengthened in faith, hope, and love
    Communion with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
    Community with ALL believers – past and present
    Encouraging One Another – We are ONE in Christ
    Participating in Praise – All ages together
    Equipped to serve as Christ’s witnesses


    It is the mission of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran School to assist parents in providing a high-quality, Christ-centered education for each child.

  • Rocky Mountain Lutheran H.S. 

    Our Lutheran high school educates students not just for college acceptances, but for a meaningful life of learning and serving their Savior in whatever journey God has planned for them. From personal growth in faith huddles to the academic rigor of science courses, from developing skills in athletics to learning to serve each other despite our differences; we understand the challenges high school students face, and we value mentoring students throughout these sometimes rocky years. Visit us at:

    Curious what this looks like?

  • adult Bible Study

    WHAT:  Mark: The King Came to Serve

    WHEN: Sundays @ 8:15 AM

    WHERE: SVL Fellowship Hall

    TEACHER: Pastor K


    WHAT:  The Life of Christ

    WHEN: Tuesday evenings 6:30 PM

    WHERE: SVL Westminster Fellowship Hall

    TEACHER: Pastor em. Gary Haag


    WHAT: Elijah & Elisha's Great Gospel Moments 

    WHEN: Wednesday mornings 9:00 AM

    WHERE: SVL Fellowship Hall & online

    TEACHER: Pastor K

    Email SVLWESTYMINISTER@GMAIL.COM for the online link. 

  • Help our MLC student get funding

    We have one student headed to Martin Luther College this fall! Every year, MLC matches every dollar raised up to $1000 per student. We are about halfway to getting our student this scholarship. Help us get our student fully funded to receive the extra (and much needed) financing! Please consider designating a special gift to help their studies to become future pastors and Christian education teachers! Congratulations Jake V! God bless your future studies and beyond!